How To Know Own Number For Idea User

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012 By Memon Irshad

Hello Friends,

Today I am posting cool tricks for knowing own mobile number for idea user.....

It is just simple method,

Type PLAN send to 4444


Dial *147*2*3#

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Enjoy Friends!!!

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rahulnevge said...

It's working!!
Thank tou!!

Prakash said...

Thanks a lot man it work, Thank you very much once again

Anonymous said...

not working

Memon Irshad said...

Bro it working gujarat and some other states and bro which ur states

viresh said...

It's work

very gud bro
it helped me a lot

Anonymous said...

stupidity it will not work at the same time 100 rupees will deduct from account

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